Australia and New Zealand

After we  arrived in Sidney, we had a quick look at the famous Opera House!aus

January 28th we played:  Foundry616,  Sidney

On January 29th and 30th we played Hobarth, Tasmania at MONA Main Stage.’s-on/music


MONA is a very special place. A great art-museum where they also make excellent wine and beer. If you ever go to Australia, try to go to Tasmania to visit MONA. Amazing!IMG_0977

When we were there, Mathew Barney had the main exhibition. He is the former husband of Bjørk.IMG_0981

Jon Rune turned 30 on the 29th! Last year he had a son and now this!

Then we went to Canberra on January 31st to play at the Sound Out Festival for two days. We play there as a trio both days as well as in some ad hoc combinations.  The venue was ANU Drill Hall Gallery.   Australian National University, Kingsley Street, Canberra.


We then continued to  New Zealand. Auckland had a touch of summer which was nice as Australia was mostly rain and cloudy.

On February 2nd, we did  The Audio Foundation, Auckland

On February 3rd, we did  THE WINE CELLAR     Auckland. we then drove to Wellington, stopping somewhere in between in a small town.


Jeff: our tour manager having breakfast. A very good driver and excellent saxophonist.

On February 5th, we did  THE PYRAMID CLUB,  Wellington. we then went to the South-Island – a very pretty place.

On February 6th, we played  TIM´S PLACE, MARAHAU

And on February 7th, we played the DHARMA BUMS CLUB, BLENHEIM

On February 8th, we ended the tour at   THE PYRAMID CLUB,  Wellington. Jeff joined us this evening with wailing alto: great!

We had a fantastic tour in New Zealand thanks to Jeff Henderson. He drove us around and showed us the beautiful country.

We had good crowds from day one and we even played two shows at very small places with nice attendance!IMG_1031

This is from Tim´s place, Marahau on the South Island. That night we saw the moon moving from right to left!!! So we were definitely on the other side of the world!IMG_1041In Blenheim we played at the Dharma bums Club IMG_1065This was almost like a Texas roadhouse! With people coming from the area, bringing their own food and drinks. Very nice!

We met many nice people on our trip to Australia and New Zealand. We would like to thank everybody who made the trip possible! Hope to be back sometime….

Record No 100!

The new CD “First Detail” is my record No 100 as a leader/co-leader. It is quite amazing: my first record was with John Stevens and Detail: “Backwards and forwards” came out in 1983 and then my 100th record also is with Detail and John Stevens – recorded in 1982, just a few days before we recorded “Backwards and Forwards”! Full circle!

A coincidence? Maybe, but  John Stevens was, and still is, a very important person in my musical life. So I feel  it´s quite fitting: much of what I did then and what I still do is based on things I developed while playing/talking/ laughing with John. He was a great man and a great inspiration. I miss him a lot and I sometimes wonder what we might be doing now – if he had still been alive. God bless his soul.


New CD: at Constellation

Just got the new trio CD: Steve Swell with Frode Gjerstad Trio. We played Chicago at Constellation on November 19th last year during our North-American tour. Nice place.  There is another recording with the same band which we did 3 days later in Milwaukee at the Sugar Maple. It will come out later this year, but we have no details yet.

This album is not like the others we have made. It´s more reflective than most of the others, I think.



A little taste:

I met Eivin One (oohne) Pedersen in the early fall of 1975. He was 19 and I was 27. We started playing gigs around Stavanger, where we both lived, with our band ”Ida Lupino” and then gradually around Norway. In -79 we did a 25 gig tour of Norway and at that time we had two Swedes in the band when we started the tour: bassist Bruno Råberg and drummer Leffe Fredriksson. After a break in the middle of the tour Bruno never came back and we continued as a trio. This opened up the music very much and we never looked back!

We also did some duo performances during that time.


Me and Eivin One before going to the Molde festival -82

But it was not until December 1981 when we invited John Stevens to come to Stavanger, that the music really became serious. John inspired us and also showed us a way through his playing.


John, Eivin One and I. July -82

After we did the concert in -81, we sat down and talked and John said he would like to continue playing. But he wanted a bassplayer. When we asked who, he said: ”let´s get the best – Johnny Mbizo Dyani”. I had seen him with Mongezi Feza and Okai Temitz so I knew he was a very good player. And I also had met him at the Montmartre Club in Copenhagen around -73 when I was living in Lund, Sweden. I had met Don Cherry via a friend on the boat from Malmø to Copenhagen on my way to Montmartre and he introduced me to Johnny, saying ” He plays tenor”. Johnny wanted me to come to Stockholm to play with him, Okay and Mongezi. But I never did. I was scared and felt I was not ready for such heavyweight matching.


Johnny Mbizo Dyani, July -82

We invited Johnny and he said yes. We did a tour of Norway as a quartet in March -82. The first gig was terrible, I was very nervous and I wanted to og home right after the gig, but after a long talk with John, we continued and gradually, the music came together in a very nice way.

IMG_0899 Me, Eivin One, John and Johnny, July -82: DETAIL

In the summer of 1982, we met again and played at the Molde Jazz Festival and we toured again in October of 1982.

This recording is the first gig we did on our last tour as a quartet. Johnny, however, could not play the first gig , so we did it as a trio. This recording, allthough it´s the third time we played as a trio, shows the original sound of the group that became Detail.

The following day, we played at the legendary Club 7 in Oslo on a double bill with Arild Andersens Maqualero group. Lots of people and a nice room.

The soundman made us a cassette recording of the concert. It will be released in 2015.

It´s the only recorded excemple of Detail as a quartet. The sound quality is also quite good!

At the end of the tour, after our last concert at Kongsberg, we started to talk and ended up with Eivin One getting upset and leaving the group. Two days later, we had booked a studio in Stavanger to make our first recording which we did. Kjell Arne Jensen recorded us direct to two tracks and two LPs came out after the two days in the studio: ”Backwards and Forwards”, released on Impetus in -83 and ”Okhela” on Affinity in -84.IMG_0897This picture was John´s idea. He wanted us to look like “Ornette at the Golden Circle” LP…John, Johnny and I -83

It was the first time we played together as a trio. Those two albums presented Detail as a trio to an international audince. But there was a story before the trio and I am very happy to have this new album out as it represent a very important musical step and is therefore part of the history of Detail. And so is the quartet recording.

I also found a 3-set concert recording from Stavanger with John and Johnny from -83 and I would like this musci also to be released in 2015.

I have been sitting on these tapes for a long time. The truth is, I have not been able to listen to the recordings because there were so many feelings involved. There was the problems between Einin One and I (we were like a couple: love and hate went hand in hand) and then there was the death of first Johnny in -86 and then John in -94.

IMG_0902Eivin One and I, in Molde -82.

When Eivin One died in February of 2012, I said to myself I just had to go through all the tapes. I wanted to see if I could release something which would show the world what a great keyboardist Eivin One was. But it was not until the summer of 2014 that I did it. When I finallyd did it, the music surprised me a lot because it was much stronger than I thought it was. When I tried listening before, I always felt my own playing was not much, but now I can listen to the whole band and not focus on my own playing. Which makes for a big difference.

Eivin One was a very good and close friend. We had our problems. But often a good cup of coffee would resolve whatever the problem was. He was a very talented musician. He wrote music for theatre, for films and cabaret. But he also loved to play and improvise. In his later years he moved more and more towards the accordeon. We did four recordings where he only played accordeon: ”Dreams in Dreams”, ”Live in the UK” and ”the Walk” on FMR records and ”From Cafe Sting” on Loosetorque.

First Detail is in memory of two good friends.  Thanks to Rune for releasing the music.



Buenos Aires

I was in Argentina recently. A week after I came back from the US, I boarded the plane which took me to Buenos Aires. A very long flight, but it was good: I got the chance to listen to some old recordings.


The first gig was at Mar del Plata at their Jazz festival. Luis Conde, tenor and bass clarinet, Pablo Ledesma, soprano and alto sax, plus myself played a nice gig there.

The next day I had a workshop at House of the National Arts Found. This house belonged at one time to Victoria Ocampo, a well know author.

Then we went back to Buenos Aires and I had another workshop, this time with serious people over three days. We started with simple exercises to make sure everybody found their place. On the second day we moved forward and played much better. The third day, we sounded like a new band! On the evening that day, we had a performance in the evening. it was good, but one of the drummers said he thought the rehearsal was better…I think he had a point. At least it was different. It´s not easy to compare performances.

Anyway, I had a great time with the band and I hope they will continue. Maybe I will be back one day.


Luis and Fabiana

On Saturday the 13th, Fabiana Galante, piano and Luis Conde, sax, clarinets, invited me to play with them at a culture house in Buenos Aires.  After the show, we were invited to eat at private party. they are jazz records collectors and had made fantastic, grilled food for us with the best wines. Just amazing. Fantastic. Never have eaten any meat like this!



Our host, Marcus.  Thanks a lot for letting me try this!!!!!


Food from the party.

I know there is lot of focus on food on my site. But I love it! So many different tastes around the world!

So when I got on the plane the following day, I was tired but happy. But I was also looking forward to seeing my grandchildren and my wife!

US tour with the trio + Steve Swell.

IMG_0833Steve Swell eating before the gig in Charlotte.

Thursday, November 13th,  we started our US tour with Steve Swell, in New Orleans. We came directly off the plane – i lost my luggage so lots of work – but when we hit, it was very nice to once again discover that when we play, the tiredness goes away! Steve is a very nice addition to the group and it sounded like we had played together for quite some time.

Here is the tour list:

13th  new orleansthe ALLWAYS LOUNGE,   14th  columbia @ the conondrum music hall,  15th  charlotte  @ the McColl Center16th ashville  @ the Mothlight , 17th  lexington  @  mecca dance studio,  18th  cleveland  @ Mahalls bowling alley,  19th  chicago  @ constellation, 20th  detroit  @  Trinosophes , 21st  kalamazoo  @  Satellite Records , 22nd  milwaukee  @ the Sugar Maple, 23rd  edmonton  @ the  Yardbird suite , 24th  montreal  @  Casa del Popolo

Here is a little sound file from our Montreal gig:

We bring many CDs and LPs for good prices….


Ross is our man in Columbia, South Carolina. He makes fantastic food and has a wonderful garden where he grows his herbs etc


Our bassist,  Johnny Rune (Ruun) with coffee and new cap  bought in Houston. He loves Texas!

Our tour went really well and the music was good. Many thanks to Steve Swell who made a big difference because I had had a rather difficult time before the tour and his presence made me see daylight again!

Steve will be 60 next year (!) and he has invited us to play at his one week celebration at the Stone, New York, last week of November 2015. This will be our first gig at the Stone and we are looking forward to it! We will play some US gigs before and after the Stone-gig.

Thanks to everybody who came to see us during our tour and to all who made the tour possible.



New CD: Silver Cornet

tumblr_inline_neu1ju6mb81srvqwb This is the new CD with Bradford, Ingebrigt, Frank and I, recorded in Baltimore  while we did our little tour in March 2014.

Enjoy! Here is a review:

The review also has a YouTube clip showing us playing on the first track of the recording

The record was released on Nessa Records in Chicago. I am very proud that we could have a record on this label because I remember I used to buy records by Roscoe Mitchell and Henry Threadgill. So in my opinion, that was a high class label! I am also glad that we documented the tour this way so we all can have a recent document by Bobby Bradford to listen to.

Next summer we will have an LP with the same band coming out on “No Business”. They also released an LP a few years back with mostly the same band, called “Kampen”, recorded in Oslo.

Here is a review from “Point of Departure”:

Legendary, LA-based cornet player Bobby Bradford and Norwegian reed player Frode Gjerstad first met almost 30 years ago when the two were members of the group Detail with drummer John Stevens and bassist Johnny Dyani. Though the group played together for only a short time, they carved out a striking melding of their deep backgrounds in free jazz and collective improvisation. Since that time, the two have kept their collaboration going as time and logistics permit, working in small ensembles and as part of Gjerstad’s Circulasione Totale Orchestra. In 2010, the two put together a quartet with bassist Ingebrigt Håker Flaten and drummer Paal Nilssen-Love and recorded a few releases as part of a tour of Norway.

In the spring of 2014, they reconvened for a tour of the US, calling on young Chicago drummer Frank Rosaly when Nilssen-Love was unavailable. Luckily, this final gig in Baltimore was recorded. From the very start of the set, the four center in on a relaxed interplay that is a natural outgrowth of their seasoned sense of free-flowing time and lithe group interaction. Bradford’s warm, conversational sense of phrasing finds the perfect foil in Gjerstad’s urgent, acidic attack on alto and burred clarinet tone. Håker Flaten’s muscular, thrumming undercurrents likewise, blend nicely with Rosaly’s restless, multi-hued drumming. As would be expected, the four never function as horn front line with rhythm section, instead, constantly shifting focus as they move between various formations of solos, duos, trios, and full quartet. Each of the players brings their unique vocabulary to play as well.

Bradford never shies away from calling on free-bop motifs, weaving melodic threads into the mix. Gjerstad draws on imploring vocalizations and shaded overtones on alto. And his clarinet playing is a particular standout on the second piece, “a story about you,” drawing on a sliding sense of tonality and shifting timing. Håker Flaten has honed his playing in groups like AALY Trio, Atomic, and The Thing as well as a constantly shifting array of ad hoc meetings, and his honed sense of listening, knowing when to dive in to propel things, when to pull back, and when to drop out, are integral to the arc of the playing. Rosaly brings both a restless energy and an open sense of time clearly colored by his studies with Billy Higgins. He attacks the drums with sticks, brushes, and even a knife and fork, calling forth a rich percussive palette. Two expansive tracks are nicely capped by a succinct, 6-minute piece, with the four members cycling around each other with celebratory delight, bringing the set to a satisfying close.
–Michael Rosenstein


Another new CD.   TiPPLE: No sugar on anything.

David Watson, electric guitar, Kevin Norton, percussion, vibes and marimba and myself. A nice little trio producing music that is not constantly loud, but reflective and moving.

These pictures are from our gig in April 2013 when we played in Connecticut. The performance came out on FMR records as “Live TiPPLE”

IMG_2531 IMG_2514 IMG_2532 IMG_2520


We have just recorded another album and also released “No sugar on anything” and we have played some concerts in and around New York to warm up for the recording.

Watch out for our next release. Which will include alto flute, contrabass clarinet and bagpipe in addition to our “normal” arsenal of instruments.

Bradford/Gjerstad Quartet

We did the tour of the States last March. It was a celebration tour: Bobby turned 80 in July and I really wanted the country to see what a good musician he still is!

Our last gig was in Baltimore so I arranged for a recording of the concert. When it was all mixed, Chuck Nessa wanted to release the performance as a CD! It´s called Silver Cornet and will be released today, October 21st. shows a clip from the concert.

The tour we did was very nice with good music every night, but the concert we did in Baltimore was probably the best.

Thanks to Bernard Lyons for setting up the show and to Chuck     Nessa for releasing the tracks.


This pic was taken by Lisa, Bobbys wife while I visited them in LA last August

New CDs

There is a new CD with Louis Moholo-Moholo and myself on FMR. it was recorded last year in Stavanger at Gallery Sult (hunger), and it´s simply called SULT.

Also I did a duo recording with my friend Fred Lonberg-Holm. The CD is called “Life on sandpaper” which reflects some of our ups-and-downs! I love Freds cello playing. His playing makes me want to sing!

Hope to do another tour with him….


sax/clarinet player/improviser